The Israel - Spain Industrial R&D Cooperation Framework

The Israel - Spain Industrial R&D Cooperation Framework is dedicated to the development of R&D collaboration between Spanish and Israeli industries.

Submission deadline for this call - 15th June 2017 ,17:00 Jerusalem local time


Administrative Agencies

The framework is operated by the following governmental agencies:

Israel: ISERD - The Israel Europe R&D Directorate (ISERD) is the National Eureka Office, serving as Israel's

national representative in the Eureka Program, while the National Funding Body is the Innovation Authority of the Ministry of Economy of Israel.

Spain: CDTI - Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), The Spanish National Authority, acting as Eureka Office and National Funding Body, is the

attached to the Ministry of Economy,Industry and Competitiveness of Spain.

Preferred technologies/sectors

The framework supports joint industrial R&D projects between Israeli and Spanish companies, focusing on developing innovative products and applications in all technological and application areas.


Program Administration

The program maintains offices in both Spain and Israel; Spanish and Israeli entities should contact their respective offices at any time.

The program is implemented by EUREKA and EUROSTARS - Programs for European cooperation in R&D and Innovation in which both Spain and Israel are active members.

The Framework issues two Calls for Proposals per year. The calls may cover all technological sectors or maybe limited to a certain technological sector. Each call is open for 3 to 4 months for submission of application forms.

ISERD and CDTI will assist companies to find an appropriate partner. Forms are available for companies seeking assistance in locating potential partners.

An initial assessment of a joint project will be performed upon submission of the Cooperation Form. ISERD and CDTI can provide assistance in preparation of the Cooperation Form.


Application Procedures
  • Partner Search Form - ISERD and CDTI will assist companies to find an appropriate partner. Forms are available for companies seeking assistance in locating potential partners.
  • Cooperation Form - The bilateral Spanish-Israeli framework uses the Eureka/Eurostars Form as the project outline application form allowing the submitters the opportunity to apply for the Eureka/Eurostars label, that provides European visibility and access to the Eureka promotional instruments. Forms must be filled in English, signed by both project partners and sent to the program directors.
  • National Funding Application Forms (for Israeli Companies) - The full project application should be submitted by the companies using their respective countries’ national forms for review by the respective national authorities. Israeli companies should submit their applications on the OCS application forms.


Israel Office

Uzi Bar-Sadeh
Program Manager
Tel: (+972 3) 5118185
Fax: (+972 3) 5177655

Spanish Office

Ms. Alicia García Zuazo

Spanish EUREKA Project Officer

CDTI C/Cid 4 28001 Madrid, Spain

Tel: +34 (91) 581 56 07


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