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The new ICT Work Programme for 2018-2020 can be found here.


ICT related topics can be funded through several programs:


Under Horizon2020 the ICT theme will appear in:
1. Main ICT topics in Industrial leadership: Digitising European Industry, European Data Infrastructure (HPC, Big Data, Cloud), 5G, Next Generation Internet (NGI), STARTS, Digital Hubs, Fintech and Platforms and Pilots.
2. ICT applications in the Societal challenges: Health; Energy; Transport; Climate; Inclusive societies; Security.
3. ICT in Excellence Science: FET-OPEN, FET Proactive, FET-Flagships, Graphene and Human Brain Projects (HBP).

Total Budget for the years 2018-2020: 1.54 B Euro


ECSEL JU- Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership.

Indicative budget for the years 2014-2020: 2.5B Euro


Under Eureka ICT appears under the Celtic, ITEA and Catrene clusters.

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