Health, demographic change and wellbeing

The Horizon 2020 ‘health, demographic change and wellbeing’ (societal challange 1) theme includes 34 topics in the ‘personalising health and care’ focus area and 15 topics in the ‘co-ordination activities’ call. The personalising health and care call aims to create opportunities for real breakthrough
research and radical innovation in response to these challenges, by supporting the translation of findings into the clinic and other health and care settings to improve health outcomes,
reduce health inequalities and to promote active and healthy ageing. 
Societal challange 1 is also implemented by the innovative medicines initiative1 (IMI), the European and developing countries clinical trials partnership2 (EDCTP) and the active and assisted living programme3 (AAL).


Total budget for 2014-2020: 7472 M €


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