France-Israel Industrial R&D Cooperation Framework - FIRAD

The France-Israel Industrial R&D Cooperation Framework (FIRAD) promotes R&D collaboration between French and Israeli companies interested in jointly developing and commercializing new, innovative products, applications or services. FIRAD's mission is to foster collaborative R&D links between French and Israeli science and technology organizations and to assist in the establishment of long term French-Israeli alliances based on technological cooperation.

Joint R&D or Technological cooperation projects, the objectives of which are to develop and commercialize new, innovative, market driven products, processes, or services, and which are found to be eligible by the authorities, can benefit from the following assistance: 

  • Access to public funding, provided by OCS (Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy, Israel) or by Bpifrance respectively.
  • Powerful networks and partner search tools in Israel and in France.


FIRAD implements the following agreements:    

  • Bi-lateral R&D Agreement between Israel and France signed 26.11.1992
  • MOU  between funding agencies signed 2.12. 2003

Funding Agencies
Israel :   ISERD, on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Economy
France :  Bpifrance (previously OSEO)

Preferred technologies/sectors
The program is open for joint industrial R&D projects between Israeli and French companies in all technological fields.



Program Administration

The program maintains offices in both France and Israel; French and Israeli entities should contact their respective offices at any time (See contact details of program managers below).




Mr. Uzi Bar-Sade - Bilateral Programs Manager - Europe  



Ms. Odile Henin - Program Manager - International Innovation 


French bilateral innovation expert in Israel

Mr. Marc Azuelos - Technical Expert - Israel-France Innovation Partnerships


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