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FIWARE Projects and their Calls for SMEs- 16 “accelerator projects” are publishing calls for SMEs, start-ups and web-entrepreneurs to develop highly innovative services and applications with FIWARE technologies
80 MILLION EUROs FOR SMEs - the FIWARE Accelerator programme

16 “accelerator projects” are publishing open calls for SMEs, start-ups and web-entrepreneurs to develop highly innovative services and applications.

SMEs and web entrepreneurs may submit proposals to one (or more) of these open calls, in accordance with the requirements defined by the projects launching the open calls.

Please find below a list of the Accelerator projects, with information about their open call dates and their targeted industrial sectors. Please note that the dates of open calls may change slightly (for up to date information, please see http://www.fi-ware.org/accelerators/)

*   CEED Tech<http://www.ceedtech.eu/>

Next Call: July - Oct 2015
Open (No specific domain)

*   CREATI-FI<http://www.creatifi.eu/>

Next Call: August 2015
Creative Industry

*   EuropeanPioneers<http://www.europeanpioneers.eu/en/>

Now open!

Deadline: 22 June 2015
Creative Industry

*   FABulous<http://www.fabulous-fi.eu/>

Now open!

Deadline: 18 June 2015
Creative industry, Manufacturing & 3D printing

*   FI-ADOPT<http://fiadopt-project.eu/>

Other Calls: N/A

Health, Education, Social Integration, Well-being

*   FI-C3<http://www.f6s.com/fiware-fi-c3>

Next Call: June 2015
Creative Industry, Health, Smart cities, Media & Content

*   FICHe<http://www.f6s.com/fiche>

Other Calls: N/A

*   Finish<http://www.finish-project.eu/>

Other Calls: N/A
Agriculture, Food, Logistics, Manufactoring

*   FINODEX<http://www.finodex-project.eu/>

Now open!
Deadline: 17 June 2015
Health, Environment, Transport, Finance, Open (Not domain specific)

*   FRACTALS<http://www.f6s.com/fiware-fractals>

Other Calls: N/A

*   frontierCities<http://www.fi-frontiercities.eu/>

Other Calls: N/A

Smart mobility

*   IMpaCT<http://www.impact-accelerator.com/en/>

Next Call: Sep/Oct 2015
Creative Industry

*   INCENSe<http://www.fundingbox.com/incense/apply/>

Next Call: 15 June 2015
Energy, Cleantech

*   SmartAgriFood2<http://www.smartagrifood.com/>

Next Calls: N/A

*   SOUL-FI<http://soul-fi.ipn.pt/>

Next Calls: June 2015
Smart city, Smart mobility

*   SpeedUp! Europe<http://speedupeurope.eu/>

Other Calls: Date tbc
Agriculture, Energy, Smart city

  FIWARE Accelerators info leaflet May 2015
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