Future and Emerging Technologies

The Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) theme is part of the Excellence in Science pillar under Horizon 2020. 

The mission of FET is to turn Europe's excellent science base into a competitive advantage by uncovering radically new technological possibilities.


FET has three main lines of activity:


FET Open supports early-stage joint science and technology research around new ideas for radically new future technologies.


FET Proactive nurtures emerging themes and communities by addressing a number of promising exploratory research themes.


FET Flagships support ambitious large-scale, science-driven research aimed at grand interdisciplinary S&T challenges.


Total Budget for the year 2017: 341.28 M Euro

For more information please contact Mr. Dan Seker - dan@iserd.org.il or Ms. Hadas Daar - hadas@iserd.org.il 

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