Horizon 2020 - 3rd call for the years 2018 -2020

Pre-Publication Drafts

Date Title Additional info
November 2017
12/11/2017AVIATION 2017
Location Austria
9/11/2017H2020 SC5 Info day and brokerage event towards 2018 work program
Location Brussels
Organizer EC
9/11/2017ICT Proposers' Day 2017
Location Albertirsai út 10, Budapest 1101, Hungary
9/11/2017Brokerage event - Business Technology and Innovation Fair COMM 2017
Location Riga, Latvia
8/11/2017Space Week 2017 - Estonia
Horizon 2020 Space Info Day on 8 to 9 November, with splinter workshops presenting the main elements of the Horizon 2020 Space Work Programme 2018-2020 to interested participants.
Location Tallinn , Estonia
8/11/2017Raw Materials: 5th annual high level conference and Horizon 2020 brokerage event
Location Brussels
Organizer EC - EIP Eaw Materials
6/11/201713th EWA Brussels Conference: Recent Developments in EU Water Policy
Location Brussels
Organizer Europe Water Association (EWA)
October 2017
24/10/2017Conference on “Nature-based Solutions: From Innovation to Common-use”
Location Tallinn, Estonia
24/10/2017Space Tech Expo 2017
Location Bremen, Germany
23/10/2017H2020 SC3 Info days and brokerage events (Secure, clean and efficient energy), towards 2018 work program
Location Brussels
Organizer EC
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