European Global Navigation Satellite System (EU GNSS)

EGNIS (European GNSS in Israel) project


The EGNIS (European GNSS in Israel) project is an information, training and assistance center for the European GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) program in Israel. EGNIS aims at designing and developing a comprehensive set of tools and activities to increase the global visibility and exposure of the EU satellite navigation programs and activities in Israel, and the awareness and expertise of the field by Israeli key players and the general public.


The project will be led by two partners: ISERD-MATIMOP (The Israel-Europe R&D Directorate), and ISA (Israel Space Agency).


The main target of EGNIS is to reinforce and raise awareness of the GNSS program for the Israeli space society. This target will be achieved by reinforcing and updating this website, establishing Info days and other events in Israel, GNSS training, participation in GNSS conferences and promoting cooperation between Israel and Europe.


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