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Israel's contribution to the world of space industry and science is well known. Israel has a strong and active pool of space actors, industries and researchers in the field of satellite systems and components, satellite integration, satellite launching, satellite services, satellite ground systems, satellite operators, and value-added services to the space industry.


However among the space satellite sectors, Israel's focus has always been on the Earth Observation and SatCom Sectors with much little activities directed towards satellite navigation.


For end users and the general public in Israel, the benefits of Satellite navigation is known, but the public is mostly aware of (and is using services from) the American GNSS system only – GPS. The activities and expected benefits of the European Satellite Navigation programs are unknown by the Israeli general and specialized public.


The EGNIS project aims to increase the global visibility and exposure of the European satellite navigation programs and activities in Israel. Expose the Israeli GNSS community to the European satellite system – Galileo and EGNOS, learn more about its services and advantages.


The EGNIS Catalog will serve as a source of information about the GNSS community in Israel, allowing the European GNSS community to learn more about the developing GNSS technology in Israel and promote Israel- Europe cooperation.

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