WA 1: Exploratory Research - Submission: 11.5.2017



Submission: 11.5.2017

Need for consortia - 3 partners from 3 states


In this Work Area, there are 2 sub Work Areas covering 6 topics:

Sub Work Area 1.1: Transversal exploratory research activities
1  topic
: SESAR-ER3-01-2016 Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) 

The SJU is looking to award one project, with a maximum duration of 4 years ( CSA Project - Coordination and support action )


Sub Work Area 1.2: Application-oriented research

It covers 5 topics (from SESAR-ER3-02-2016 to SESAR-ER3-06-2016), as described below:
•    Advanced Air Traffic Services

•    Optimised ATM Network Services

•    Enabling Aviation Infrastructure

•    Enabling Aviation Infrastructure

•   ATM Operations, Architecture, Performance and Validation


The SJU is looking to award around 8-12 projects, with an indicative duration of 2 years.

EUR 0,5 and 1 million, with an indicative duration of 2 years,


See Link to the Topics on the Participant Portal website - submission according to Horizion 2020 Rules.


Implementation Guidelines:
For the WA1 Exploratory Research, please refer to the Project Execution Guidelines for SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research.

  Exploratory Research Topics
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