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Horizon2020 - Galileo/EGNOS related topics


Galileo related topics:


GALILEO-1-2017: EGNSS Transport applications
Developing innovative EGNSS based applications in aviation, road, maritime & rail
1-3M, IA, Submission: 1.3.2017

GALILEO-2-2017: EGNSS mass market applications
Developing new innovative applications, with commercial impact and a clear market uptake perspective:
• Mobility as a service and Smart Cities
• Internet of things
• Commercial and social Local Based Services ( LBS)
1-3M, IA, Submission: 1.3.2017

GALILEO-3-2017: EGNSS professional applications
• Agriculture: Automated machine guidance
• Surveying and Mapping: Land survey, marine survey, cadastral and geodesy
• Timing and Synchronization: Telecommunications, power generation & finance
• Other professional applications
1-3M, IA, Submission: 1.3.2017

GALILEO-4-2017: EGNSS awareness raising and capacity building
Increasing awareness of EGNSS solutions (networking for centers of excellence)
0.5-1M, CSA, Submission: 1.3.2017

COMPET-7-2017: Technology transfer and business generators
Offering commercial/high-growth business support to high-tech start-ups that apply space

technology to non-space industrial, scientific and commercial fields, and vice-versa.
The take up of applications developed in the context of Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus is encouraged 

1M, CSA, Submission: 1.3.2017


Other Actions:
1. Galileo Evolution, Mission and Service related R&D activities, 3.3M Euro,

     second quarter 2016
2. EGNOS, Mission and Service related R&D activities, 0.9M Euro, second quarter 2016
3. GNSS evolution, infrastructure-related R&D activities, 48M Euro, first quarter 2016.
4. Galileo Evolution, Mission and Services related R&D activities, 3.4M Euro,

     second quarter 2017
5. EGNOS, Mission and Service related R&D activities, 0.5M Euro, second quarter 2017
6. GNSS evolution, infrastructure-related R&D activities, 48.5M Euro, first quarter 2017


MG-2.3-2016: New and improved transport concepts in waterborne transport
European GNSS services can play an important role in this topic.
6-12M, RIA, Submission: Stage I: 20.1.2016, Stage II: 29.9.2016

MG-5.2-2017: Innovative ICT solutions for future logistics operations
Develop booking and planning systems for freight to find the best (combinations of) modes and optimal route (e.g. GNSS based route analysis or opportunities for “milk runs”), allowing better network exploitation and more efficient logistics operations.
3-5M, RIA, Submission: Stage I: 26.1.2017,Stage II: 27.9.2017

MG-6.2-2016: Large-scale demonstration(s) of cooperative ITS
11-13M, IA, Submission: Stage I: 20.1.2016, Stage II: 29.9.2016

ART-01-2017: ICT infrastructure to enable the transition towards road transport automation
Dynamic and accurate localisation and mapping, using cloud-based spatial data for highly automated driving (including sourcing, processing and information maintenance); accurate mapping and precise localisation based on European GNSS, using fully the capacity of vehicle connectivity and sensors and map data feedback loops; security of information enabling automated transport systems.
5-15M, IA , Submission: Stage I: 26.1.2017,Stage II: 27.9.2017

ART-02-2016: Automation pilots for passenger cars
Proposed actions may consider C-ITS communication and European GNSS as a possibility to improve the safety and reliability of automated transport systems in the future.
18-36M, IA , Submission: Stage I: 20.1.2016, Stage II: 29.9.2016


SEC-01-DRS-2016: Integrated tools for response planning and scenario building
Enhanced cooperation between autonomous systems entities: satellite-, sea-, land- and air-based systems, including but not limited to the Copernicus, Galileo and EGNOS systems, from different agencies and of a large variety of capabilities, and costs

8M, IA , Submission: 25.8.2016

SEC-19-BES-2016: Data fusion for maritime security applications
Combining data acquired at different points in time through sensors (e.g. radars and
camera) installed on the same platform or on different ones (underwater or surface
vessels, drones or aircraft, satellite systems (including but not exclusively Copernicus, Galileo, and EGNOS)
8M, IA , Submission: 25.8.2016


ICT-16-2017: Big data PPP: research addressing main technology challenges of the data economy European open data sources, including data coming from EU initiatives like Copernicus and Galileo

2-5M, RIA , Submission: 25.4.2017


For More Information Contact:

Space - Dikla Lanky Timna dikla@iserd.org.il

Transport - Orlie Dahan orlie@iserd.org.il

Security - Maya Keydar maya@iserd.org.il

ICT - Hadas Daar hadas@iserd.org.il


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