Clean Sky 2

Building on its predecessor, the Clean Sky 2 JTI will continue to focus on developing a new generation of aircrafts for European skies with noise reduction and lower CO2 emissions at the heart of several major projects. Clean Sky 2 will concentrate on achieving a higher level of integration of technologies into vehicle level demonstrators, system-level demonstrators and focused technology streams for airframes, engines and systems; and co-ordination of research activity in Small Air Transport and Eco-Design.


Participation in CS2 is open to private and public organisations, including SMEs, academia and non-profit research institutions. While 16 "leaders" have already committed to delivering the full programme, "core partners" making significant long-term commitments to the programme will be chosen through open calls. The first such call is planned for the first quarter of 2014. In addition, a number of partners will be chosen through open calls and invited to participate in specific projects. Around EUR 1.8 billion will be allocated from the Horizon 2020 budget.


Although Clean Sky 2 will follow the Horizon 2020 Rules for Participation, by way of derogation, the minimum requirement for participation in the JTI's calls will be one legal entity established in an EU Member State or an Associated Country.

Clean Sky at a Glance


Clean Sky 2 Info Day 30.4.14 - Presentations

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