Maternity leave

Q. What is an official document certifying a maternity leave and where can the applicant obtain such a document?

A. In order to justify an extension due to maternity, applicants should upload official birth certificates, family books, identity cards, HR or Health insurance certificates proving that the applicant was on maternity leave, etc. Please note that the name of the child and his/her parenting link with the mother should be indicated.

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PhD diplomas

Q. It turns out that the official Ph. D. certificate is in Latin and also it has no date on it. What should the applicant do about it?

A. PhD diplomas in Latin are accepted. It is suggested to upload applicant original PhD certificate together with an official certificate issued by the University and signed by the Authorizing Officer / Dean. The official certificate should indicate the exact award date of the PhD (defense or viva date will also be ok).

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