A3 - Budget form

Q. What will happen to proposals that had completed the Budget Form before the change of status (AC to TC) of Switzerland was made to SEP? Will they still be eligible if they show Switzerland as EU/AC rather than TC?

A.The change of status of Switzerland does not require that already submitted proposals have to be changed, neither have draft proposals to be changed: the proposed secondments stay as they are, only their status as eligible for funding or not might change (and might affect the total budget).

However, this has no influence on the evaluation. Experts are asked to evaluate the project and the linked secondment table as submitted independent of the question which secondments are eligible for funding or not. REA will not exclude any proposal with Swiss partners from evaluation for eligibility issues. The total budget will only be determined after the evaluation and eligibility of the consortia checked again taking into account the status of Switzerland at that moment.

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Secondments eligible for funding

Q. Which secondments are eligible for funding in RISE and which are not?

A. some third countries will receive funding to participate in RISE, some will not (see page 3 of http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/data/ref/h2020/wp/2014_2015/annexes/h2020-wp1415-annex-ga_en.pdf for the list).
Only the following secondments are eligible for funding:
• secondments TO third countries,
• secondments both TO and FROM the countries that will receive funding.
The secondments FROM those countries that do NOT receive funding will not be funded from RISE;
However, these secondments must be included in the proposal to allow the assessment of the contribution of these TC organisations to the implementation of the RISE project.

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Secondments where the costs of living are low

Q: Relevant in cases when the secondments are to be executed in the countries where the costs of living are lower:

Should the Staff member unit cost - 2000€ - be paid fully to the seconded, individual staff member or can the beneficiary organization use the “extra” (if there´s some money left after travel, accommodation and other subsistence costs) to the benefit of the project, for example networking costs?
The text at the GfA is referring only to the “top-up allowance”.
A: The researcher staff shall be seconded under the best conditions possible for the time of the exchange.
Provided that this requirement is met, it is up to the beneficiary to manage the EU unit cost of 4500€ (no minimum per category).
As for the reporting, REA will request the submission of the researcher declaration (RD) and the correspond periodic report (According to article 19.1).
As for the case of an audit, each beneficiary shall keep proof of the time(s) of the secondments (boarding pass, visas, etc…) as normal accounting practice.
You will not be requested to report on each category but the corresponding Number of units (person- months) per researcher month per beneficiary (MODEL ANNEX 4 FOR H2020 MSC-RISE).

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