ACQUEAU is one of the 7 clusters of the EUREKA network.

It is a market and industry driven initiative, joined by more than 20 countries and 100 companies across Europe and beyond. Its goal is to promote transnational collaboration for developing innovative projects in water technologies.

ACQUEAU supports near market projects, in order to facilitate the development of innovative products, processes and systems in the water sector

ACQUEAU focuses on 9 main technology areas:

1) Water resources

2) Water treatment

3) Water distribution

4) Customer requirements

5) Agriculture - 6) Industry 

7) Urban drainage and wastewater collection -

8) Wastewater treatment

9) Biosolids


with the overall objective of tackling challenges of:

  • Reducing the water footprint
  • Improving water resources management abn accessability
  • Managing with aging or insufficient infrastructures
  • Coping current social, financial and global issues facing the water sector

Acting as an intermediary between project participants and funding agencies, ACQUEAU's missionis to deliver the EUREKA ∑! label, which facilitates access to national funding for participants. The label is granted after an extensive technical evaluation process called Open Calles. The internationally recognized ∑! EUREKA label adds value to R&D project by certifying its innovative potential in terms of market success, financial viability and high returns on investment. Project participants thus gain a crucial competitive edge in their dealings with financial, technical and commercial partners.


The spring call for proposals for 2015 is open!

The next cutt-off deadlines: 

 Project Outline Submission is January 15th 2015 17:00 CET

 Full Project Proposal deadline is March 27th 2015 17:00 CET

 Label Assessment April 16th 2015 17:00 CET



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