BBI: Bio Based Industries Initiative

BBI: Bio- Based Industries Initiative


2019 Call is now open for submissions!

Deadline for submissions - 4/9/2019

Budget - 135M Euros




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The Bio-based Industries Initiative is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between the European Commission and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC). The PPP is an instrument to support industrial research and innovation, to overcome the innovation ‘valley of death’, the path from research to the marketplace. It encourages partnership with the private sector to fund and bring together the resources needed to address the challenges involved in commercialising major society-changing new technologies. The industry is organised in a Bio-based Industries Consortium. The Consortium currently brings together more than 60 European large and small companies, clusters and organisations across technology, industry, agriculture and forestry. They have all committed to invest in collaborative research, development and demonstration of bio-based technologies within the PPP.


A major public and private effort: €3.7 Billion investment in Bio-based innovation from 2014-2020 (Horizon 2020), of which €975 Million of EU funds and € 2.7 Billion of private investments.



 - Feedstock: foster a sustainable biomass supply with increased productivity and building new supply chains

 - Bio refineries: Optimize efficient processing through R&D and demonstrate their efficiency and economic viability at large-scale demo / flagship bi refineries.

 - Markets, products and policies: develop markets for bio-based products and optimize policy frameworks.


The Bio-Based Economy concept:












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