The AAL JP (Joint Programme)  is a funding activity that aims to provide innovative ICT-based solutions including products, systems or services to enhance older adults quality of life and to strengthen the industrial base in Europe. The main goal is improving the autonomy, participation in social life, skills, and employability of older adults. Solutions funded under the AAL Programme shall address identified wishes and needs of the end-users, and should be transnational,collaborative and cost-shared between private and public funding. AAL projects should aim at introducing their solution to the market within a maximum of 2-3 years after finalisation of the project.

AAL carries out its mandate through the funding of across-national projects (at least three countries involved) that involves small and medium enterprises (SME), research bodies and user’s organizations (representing the older adults). - See more at:


Notice: Israeli participants will be funded by the OCS (Office of Chief Scientist) of the Ministry of Economy, based on its rules. 


The 2015 Call Challenge aims to fund ICT-based innovative, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative projects with a clear market orientation that support older adults to live:

  • independently for longer, meaning with as little (professional) help as possible and with choice and control over the decisions, equipment and assistance;
  • actively in the sense of staying in charge of their own lives and participate in society the way they want.

The key priority for the projects should be to provide and to pilot ICT-based solutions that will support older adults in their homes which:

  • integrate existing technologies or develop technologies and infrastructures into easy to use, affordable and sustainable solutions that address a range of needs;
  • have a high potential to be commercialised and scalable.

The Call has indicative total funding of EUR 33.9 million


Closure date: 28 May 2015


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AAL 2015 Call Infoday  - PPTs

1. Intoduction - Rafael de Andres Medina
2. AAL JP OVERVIEW - Karina Marcus
3. Active and Assisted Living - Elisabete Pires
4. EC activities in the field of AAL - Monika Lanzenberger
5. Rules for participation and Role of NCPs - Alain Thielemenans
6. Call 2015 InfoDay - Pascal Fabing
7. Tools Available for Project Applicants - Marco Carulli
8. Way ahead - Nicola Filizola


Call documents:

  AAL 2015- Call text
  AAL 2015 call - Guide for applicants
  AAL 2015 call - Template part B
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