Seminar Brussels , 6-7.06.2017


Presentations from Seminar Brussels , 6-7.06.2017:


June 6, 2017:


1.  Horizon 2020-interm evaluation - Nelly Bruno,Evaluation Unit,  DG RTD, European Commission
2.  Horizon 2020 recent developments and looking towards the EU Research & Innovation Programme after 2020 - Carla Matias dos Santos , DG RTD, European Commission
3.  Cross-border cooperation of research funders (P2Ps) and Public-Public-Partnerships - Andrei Lințu – RTD B2-Open Science and ERA Policy,European Commission
4.  Contractual Public-Private Partnerships - Seán O'Reagain,DG Research & Innovation, European Commission 

5.  The Ethics Appraisal Scheme in Horizon 2020 - I. Karatzas,Head of the Ethics and Research Integrity Sector,DG Research & Innovation,European Commission



June 7, 2017:


6.   20 Years Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions - Bodo Richter, Deputy Head of Unit, DG for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture,European Commission 

7.   Open Data, Open Access, European Cloud - Patrick Brenier, Deputy Head of Unit ,A.6- Open Data Policy and Science Cloud,DG Research & Innovation,European Commission 

8.   ERC-Scientific reporting and monitoring of ERC grants Open Access - Pascal Dissard, ERCEA Head of Sector for Project Follow-up 

9.   Legal and Administrative Issues in Gramt Agreement Preparations - Chistova 

10. The ERC:Mission, Achievements and Perspectives - Jean-Pierre Bourguignon ,ERC President 

11. Legal Financial Aspects - ERC Grant (Rights and Obligations of the ERC PI)- Veronica Williams, ERC Executive Agency
12. Model Grant Agreement, AMENDMENT v4.0 27/02/2017 - David Mejuto Gayoso, DG RTD, Common Legal Support Service,European Commission
13. Audits by the European Commission - Cristina Fonseca, DG Research & Innovation, Common Audit Service, European Commission

15. Coordinators Day Grant  Agreement Preparation IT Tools - Cadelis, Common Support Centre,IT unit - RTD J4, European Commission

16. Reporting_Coordinators_PARTB - Cadelis, Common Support Centre,IT unit - RTD J4, European Commission

17. Validation,Legal Status and Financial Capacity of Your Organisation - Antonio Balestrieri, Head of Sector, REA Validation Services, European Commission


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