ERC PI Centric Event - Presentations

ERC PI Centric Event


Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel


Wednesday, May 17th 2017 10:30 - 17:30


We are pleased to invite you to a workshop organised by the ERC Grant Management Department in cooperation with ISERD.

This event aims to bring together the Principal Investigators hosted by Israeli institutions and the staff of the ERC Agency.




10:30     Welcome and Introduction

                Ms Smadar HIRSH, ISERD

                Mr Pablo AMOR, ERCEA

Morning session: Chaired by Mr Pablo AMOR, ERCEA

                11:00     Specific Role of the Principal Investigator in the ERC grants

                                Ms Veronica WILLIAMS, ERCEA

                12:00     Scientific reporting and monitoring of ERC grants - Open Access

                                Dr. Pascal DISSARD, ERCEA


Afternoon session: Chaired by Ms Marja HENNESSY, ERCEA

                14:00      Implementation of ERC grants

                                PIs and ERC staff

                                Legal and contractual aspects: Amendments process                   

                                Mr. Alejandro RODRIGUEZ RAMOS, ERCEA

                                Principles of sound financial management

                                Mr Giuseppe BAMBARA, ERCEA

                16:00     Support for earliest stage of innovation resulting from your

                                excellence grant Proof of Concept grants

                                Dr. Pascal DISSARD, ERCEA

                16:30     Questions and answers session

                16:45     Conclusion and end of the workshop

                                Ms Marja HENNESSY, ERCEA

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