Water Innovation Europe 2018

 Water Innovation Europe is returning for its 2018 edition under the theme 'The road towards a water-smart society: Overcoming the water challenges of the future', to shed light on how Europe can ensure availability of water for urban, agricultural, and industrial use and deal with the risks of increasing water scarcity, pollution of fresh water sources, and impacts of climate change.

• How has Europe responded thus far to the water crises?

• What are the threats and the opportunities?

• Does the European Water industry interact sufficiently with other sectoral interests?

• What role can European knowledge, research, and innovative solutions play in addressing the water crises both in Europe and beyond?

• Do we need a 'Water Mission' under FP9? If so, how should it look like?


Date 13/06/2018 - 14/06/2018
Location Brussels
Organizer WssTP
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