Step by Step - How to find a Partner for Transport Calls




1) Go through the participants of the last brokerage event (Warsaw, April 21st 2016). CTRL+F your chosen topic (i.e. MG-4.1) and go through all the entities interested in partnering, contact them directly:


2) The registration for the Transport call info day taking place in Brussels, Belgium the 28/09/2016 is closed.

You can still sign up for the Brokerage Event:


3) Let the internet work for you - Publish a Partner Search + Express your interest in published searches:


4) Use your social media and/or send an email out to your network in Europe saying you are looking into submitting a proposal for X (i.e. MG-4.1) and want to know if they are submitting themselves/interested in partnering/know of a entity that is interested.






Indexes -

Linked-in Transport community group - 

"H2020 TRANSPORT Research & Innovation" and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)":


For more information contact:

Orlie Dahan , 03-5118172

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