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Organisation name : Autonomous Dynamic Air Traffic Management

Description of the opportunity:

The EU has issued a call for an application oriented research regarding ATM (Air Traffic Management)

Within the framework of that topic, we would like to address the integration of UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles) operation, together with “traditional” airplanes, while increasing level of safety. This topic falls under the “aplication oriented research“ category. The maximum fund under this category is Euro 1m  page 18

Proposal submission deadline  : 25 June 2015
Contact person:  Moshe Cohen

E-mail address:
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Organisation name: Bio-Nexus Ltd.
Description of the opportunity:
Proposal submission deadline: 
Contact person: Shimon Elharar
E-mail address:
Description of the opportunity: 25 June 2015

Advanced Air Traffic Services (ATS)-  5.2. Work Area 2: ATM Applications-oriented Research (From TRL1 to TRL2):(Theme 5.2.2)
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  Autonomous Dynamic Air Traffic Management
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