News & Events

Date Title Additional info
April 2016
18/04/2016Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2016
4/04/2016The first Flying Community by Calclist
Location Israel - San Francisco
March 2016
31/03/2016Connected Cars and Beyond
ISERD Will have a Pavilion at the Conference
Location Hertzylia, Israel
8/03/2016SESAR at the WORLD ATM CONGRESS 2016
The 2016 World ATM Congress is therefore a perfect opportunity for ATM stakeholders to find out more about these stimulating developments and how SESAR is delivering a high performing ATM system for Europe.
6/03/2016DroneDays 2016 Brokerage Event
December 2015
7/12/20157th European innovation Summit
1/12/2015SESAR Innovation Days
October 2015
20/10/2015Aerodays 2015 Conference
Aerodays is the European Commission's flagship event in aviation research and innovation taking place once during each EU Research Framework Programme
September 2015
23/09/2015Workshop on Education and Training Needs for Aviation Engineers and Researchers in Europe
The Workshop is organised within the framework of the AirTN NextGen Project, together with the ACARE Working Group, and the European Commission—at the EC Covent Garden Building, Brussels
22/09/2015Clean Sky 2 Info Day 2nd Call for Proposals
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