The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU)

FCH JU 6th Open call - 2019


The Call for proposals 2019 is open for submissions with a budget of 80.8M Euros.

Submission Date: 23.4.2019


17 open topics - for example:

- Fuel cells for ships
- Cyber for hybrid fuel systems
- Transportation - understanding of the charging systems,

   heating and transportation - autonomous vehicle
- Hydrogen Storage
- Integration of gas and electricity systems
- Comparison of a variety of cell types
- A new membrane for anion exchange
- Hydrogen injection in high pressure gas systems
- New materials, architecture and production of Solid oxide cells
- Fueling Protocol for heavy vehicles


FCH 2 JU Documents


Standard Proposal templates for call 2019 (WORD files):


Date 6/02/2019 - 23/04/2019
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