H2020 application partner search DT-SPACE-09-BIZ-2019


National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania is looking for partners for a Space hubs (support to start-ups) application
Topic identifier:DT-SPACE-09-BIZ-2019

Publication date: 27 October 2017

Focus area: Digitising and transforming European industry and services (DT)

The challenge is to increase the number of initiatives for start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs in the space downstream and upstream sectors (such as Incubators, Accelerators, Hackathons or AppCamps), provide solutions to accelerate the growth of space scale-ups and the commercialisation of their products, engage small and medium enterprises in space innovation, especially those not traditionally involved in it, and reduce as much as possible the entry barriers to SMEs for Horizon 2020 to develop space-enabled solutions.


For more details please contact j.cernevicius@lic.lt

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