H2020: Service contract for SBAS authentication

Service contract for SBAS authentication
Published on: 17/02/2018 Last update: 19/02/2018
Deadline: 25/04/2018
This call for tender is for an analysis on satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) authentication.
  • Number: 658/PP/GRO/RCH/17/10415

The European Commission, with the involvement of the European GNSS Agency (GSA), is defining a roadmap for the long-term evolution of the EGNOS programme beyond the currently defined EGNOS V3 Service Releases [AD.1]. This will support the implementation of safer and more efficient aviation operations. Since SBAS authentication can detect spoofing attacks, a detailed assessment of its merits is required.

The aim of this contract is to support the definition of optimal authentication solutions for SBAS, and measure the level of protection achieved and impact on the SBAS service. Relevant information from past activities and international forums will be provided to the winning contractor during the course of the project (Cf. section 1.1.8 for more information).

The contractor will:

  • implement and test different authentication proposals for SBAS message authentication that may include standard crypto protocols and coding schemes, and evaluate their impact on SBAS performance at user level
  • propose evaluation criteria and compare different authentication solutions, which will later be evaluated by the Commission, the GSA, and other aviation stakeholders
  • support the Commission during coordination activities with other SBAS entities involved in design/evolution work in different regions (US, Japan, etc.). The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is expected to define and standardise an SBAS authentication solution by 2019.
  • ensure that the authentication techniques proposed are backward compatible with legacy GPS L1 SBAS receivers. These techniques should be introduced as an optional feature within the next generation of SBAS systems developed with multi-frequency and multi-constellation capabilities.

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Contract notice

Participation is open to all natural and legal persons from the EU Member states and third countries which has an agreement with the EU (IL is included)
EN_Draft _service_contract_SBAS_Authentication  EN_Draft _service_contract_SBAS_Authentication
EN_Final_tender_specifications_for_publication  EN_Final_tender_specifications_for_publication
EN_ITT_for_publication_signed_by_Mr_Petschke  EN_ITT_for_publication_signed_by_Mr_Petschke

Date 25/04/2018
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