News & Events

Date Title Additional info
September 2015
14/09/2015ION GNSS+ 2015
3/09/2015Tender 433: Advanced Mission Concepts: R&D for a Galileo Regional Service
3/09/2015Vilnius Innovation Forum
On the 4th of September - all day session will be dedicated to space
August 2015
14/08/2015Tender 431: Advanced Mission Concepts: R&D for robust EGNSS Timing
June 2015
22/06/2015JNC - Joint Navigation Conference 2015
17/06/2015TRANSNAV 2015: Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation
6/06/2015The 7th International Conference on Wireless and Satellite Systems (formerly PSATS),
bring together academia and industry, practitioners and students interested in future techniques relating to the wireless and satellite communications, networking, technology, systems, and applications
1/06/2015HxGN Live 2015
April 2015
1/04/2015European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) - 2015
The European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) annually is looking for services, products, and business innovations that use satellite navigation in everyday life.
The ESNC is an ideas competition, not a business plan competition. Please be aware, however, that providing a better description of your idea will give you a greater chance of winning the competition.
The submission phase of the upcoming edition will run from the 1 April - 30 June 2015
March 2015
27/03/2015Two new satellites join the Galileo constellation
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