News & Events

Date Title Additional info
May 2016
4/05/2016INNOspace Masters "Satellite 4.0"
Location Berlin
2/05/2016European Satellite Navigation Application Competition 2016
April 2016
19/04/2016Horizon 2020 Space Information Day 2016: Join us in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 19-20 April
7/04/2016Disrupt Space Summit
Location Bremen, Germany
7/04/2016Space Innovation Conference
Location London, England
1/04/2016ESNC 2016 Competition - " Master Galileo" 2016
March 2016
1/03/2016European Space Components Conference ESCCON 2016
Presentations and discussions will address areas such as standardisation and harmonisation, technology insertion and validation, investments and funding, availability and sustainability on the basis of real life project and industrial experience and expectations for future evolution
February 2016
24/02/2016Webstreamed Horizon 2020 Coordinators’ Day - online
2/02/2016TUSEMatch 2016
2/02/2016The 11th Ilan Ramon Conference
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