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October 2017
Location Bucharest (Romania)
2/10/2017RADECS 2017
The RADECS Conference, held on alternate years, is the major European rendez-vous for the radiation effects community. Both the RADECS Conference and Workshop address technical issues related to radiation effects on devices, integrated circuits, sensors, and systems, as well as radiation hardening, testing, and environmental modeling methods. These fields are of importance in space, nuclear power, atmospheric, ground, military, high energy physics applications.
Location Geneve, Swiss
May 2017
11/05/2017Satellite & Space Missions
Location Barcelona, Spain
November 2016
27/11/20162nd PERASPERA workshop "Plan the European Roadmap and its Activities for Space Exploitation of Robotics and Autonomy"
Location The Auditorio de Tenerife in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
15/11/2016International Technical Symposium on Navigation and Timing
Location Toulouse, France
9/11/2016Electric and Hybrid Aerospace
Location Cologne, Germany
8/11/2016International Navigation Conference INC2016
Location Glasgow (UK)
September 2016
20/09/2016Industry Space Days 2016
Location Noordwijk, NL
12/09/2016The Space App Camp
12/09/2016Earth Observation Open Science 2016 Conference
Location ESRIN Frascati (Italy)
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