News & Events

Date Title Additional info
October 2018
30/10/2018Innovative industries for smart growth
Location Vienna, Austria
July 2018
3/07/2018Brokerage event - Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials H2020 2019 Call
Location Madrid, Spain
June 2018
7/06/2018EU Brokerage Event on KET in Horizon 2020
Location Mainz, Germany
June 2017
21/06/2017EuroNanoForum 2017
Location Valletta (Malta)
12/06/2017Materials resistant to extreme conditions for future energy systems
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
October 2016
26/10/2016Conference: Re-industrialisation of the EU 2016
Conference and match making event in the fields of nanotechnologies, advanced materials, manufacturing and production technologies, biotechnology.
Location Incheba, Bratislava, Slovakia
10/10/2016EMIRI Infoday - Registration is Open !
Location ISERD, Hamered 29 Tel Aviv
July 2016
2/07/2016NANOTEXNOLOGY 2016 multi-event
Location Thessaloniki, Greece
June 2016
22/06/2016European Conference Industrial Technologies 2016
Location RAI Amsterdam, Holand
May 2016
12/05/2016EU Brokerage Event on KET in Horizon 2020
Brokerage Event for Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing
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