Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)

RISE involves organisations from the academic and non-academic sectors (in particular SMEs), based in Europe (EU Member States and Associated Countries) and outside Europe (third countries).

Support is provided for the development of partnerships in the form of joint research and innovation activities between the participants. This is aimed at knowledge sharing via international as well as inter-sector mobility, based on two-way secondments of research and innovation staff (exchanges) with in-built return mechanism.

The organisations constituting the partnership contribute directly to the implementation of the joint research and innovation activities by seconding and/or hosting eligible staff members.

The proposed research and innovation activities should exploit complementary competences of the participants, as well as other synergies, and enable networking activities, organisation of workshops and conferences to facilitate sharing of knowledge, new skills acquisition and career development for research and innovation staff members.

Activities can focus either on one dimension of mobility (intersectoral / international), or include a combination of both.

Exchanges can be for both early-stage and experienced researchers' levels and can also include innovators, administrative, managerial and technical staff supporting research and innovation activities of the proposal.

Support for the exchanges between institutions in the EU Member States and Associated Countries covers only inter-sector secondments.

Exchanges with institutions from third countries can be inter-sector secondments as well as secondments within the same sector.

No secondments between institutions located in third countries or within the same EU Member State or Associated Country can be supported.



Publication date: Now open

Deadline: April 5, 2017

Duration: The maximum duration of support will be four years from the starting date specified in the Agreement.

Consortium agreement: Participants in actions resulting from this call are NOT required to conclude a consortium agreement, as the main focus of activities is on staff exchanges.


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