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ITN Proposal Prescreening Checklist - Tips & Tricks

The content of this document was outlined during a twinning workshop on ITN proposal screening, held in Vienna, in June 2016.
The aim is to provide less experienced NCPs of MSCA with „tips and tricks“ for ITN proposal prescreening. It is based on practical prescreening experience accumulated over the past years and summarizes some aspects and practical approaches helpful for newcomers and less experienced NCPs.

MSCA in H2020- Presentation

Intersectoral Mobility Schemes in Science Europe Member Organisations


Presentations from Events

Intersectoral Mobility Schemes in Science Europe Member Organisations

The issue of intersectoral mobility of researchers is gaining political momentum in Europe, both at European Union level and in individual Member States. By taking the competences that characterise researchers and introducing them to the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, the production of new ideas in these sectors of employment can be increased. It therefore constitutes an increasingly important part, explicitly or not, of the national research organisations’ mission to facilitate greater impact from the high levels of investment in public research made by governments.

Informal guidelines for Mid-Term Meeting in ITN


Expert area in the Participant Portal- Presentation

The Expert area in the Participant Portal is a front-end platform for experts interactions with the research DGs and Agencies.

Unit Cost

Outreach and Communication Activities

MSCA fellows are expected to engage in outreach activities as an integral part of their fellowship.
Here you can find a non-exhaustive set of practical outreach activities that MSCA
fellows could consider for their project.

Marie Curie researchers and their long-term career development

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