11th Community of Users (CoU)

The Community of Users has five key objectives:

• Ensuring that research programming (particularly H2020) takes account of practitioners' needs, thereby promoting research results that are relevant to them;

• Identifying the most promising tools and methods (including those developed in FP7 and H2020 projects) that have the potential to be taken up by practitioners;

• Support the competitiveness of EU industry by enhancing the market for research results;  

• Ensuring that practitioners' expertise is available to policy makers, thereby facilitating the policy-making process; 

• Facilitating the implementation of policy. 


The previous meeting was held on 5-9.03.2018, and covered chemical accidents, water safety and security, health, citizen awareness, CBRNe and the national CoU network (recordings and presentations can be found here).

The upcoming meeting will cover

THEME 7: Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction
THEME 8: Communication, interoperability
THEME 9: Weather extremes
THEME 10: Geological disasters
THEME 11: Resilient cities
THEME 12: Critical Infrastructure Protection


CoU Programme 2018  CoU Programme 2018

Date 4/06/2018 - 7/06/2018
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