Secure societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens

The primary aim of the Horizon 2020 Security Work Programme is to enhance the resilience of our society against natural and man-made disasters, ranging from new crisis management tools to communication interoperability, and to develop novel solutions for four main areas:

1. Protection of critical infrastructure

2. Disaster-Resilient Societies

3. Fight crime and terrorism ranging from new forensic tools to protection against explosives

4. Improve border security, ranging from improved maritime border protection to supply chain security and to support the Unions external security policies including through conflict prevention and peace building

5. Provide enhanced Cybersecurity, ranging from secure information sharing to new assurance models.

Secure Societies Work Program (2018-2020)


Total Budget for the years 2018-2020: 716.2 M Euro

 :חוק הפיקוח על יצוא ביטחוני, התשס"ז-2007, אליו יש להתייחס לפני ההגשה לתחומי הבטחון

 For more details please contact Dr.Maya Keydar Prizant

Tel: 972-3-5118167

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