Call Identifier: H2020-JTI-IMI2-2017-11
Publication Date: 19/07/2017
Budget: 5,000,000 €
Deadline: 24/07/2017 17:00  Brusels Time Zone
single stage - RIA – Research and Innovation Actions
Specific Programme(s): Societal Challenges
Theme(s): Health, demographic change and wellbeing

For full details of these topics, including the budget breakdown and the General Conditions for the Call for proposals, please click on the links above (which take you directly to the relevant page of the Participant Portal) or read the IMI2 Call 11 Topic Text  

Please note that entering and submitting short proposals for this Call can only be done through the electronic submission system of the Horizon 2020 Participant Portal.


Topic conditions & documents (common to all topics in this Call)

Please read the IMI2 Call 11 Topic Text  for full details of this topic, including the budget breakdown.

Please read carefully all provisions below before the preparation of your application.

1. List of countries and applicable rules for funding:

2. Eligibility and admissibility conditions:

3. Evaluation guide to the submission and evaluation process including evaluation criteria and procedure, scoring and threshold:

4. Proposal page limits and layout:

  • Please refer to the proposal templates for your specific action, see below.

5. Indicative timetable for evaluation and grant agreement:

  • Notification of outcomes of single stage evaluations: Maximum 5 months from deadline for submitting proposals
  • Signature of grant agreements: Maximum 8 months from the submission deadline

6. Provisions, proposal templates and evaluation forms

7. IMI2 Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) - relevant forms and templates

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