Call Identifier: H2020-S2RJU-2017
Publication Date: 10/11/2016
Budget: 19,500,000 €
Deadline: 30/03/2017 17:00  Brussels local time
Specific Programme(s): Societal Challenges
Theme(s): Smart, green and integrated transport
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Relevant topics for Israeli participants



Topic:   S2R-OC-CCA-01-2017: Smart maintenance and human capital

Topic:   S2R-OC-IP1-01-2017: Innovative materials & modular design for rolling stock applications
Topic:   S2R-OC-IP1-02-2017: Tools, methodologies and technological development of the next generation of Running Gear
Topic:   S2R-OC-IP2-01-2017: Operational conditions of the signalling and automation systems; signalling system hazard analysis and GNSS SIS characterization along with Formal Method application in railway field
Topic:   S2R-OC-IP2-02-2017: Energy harvesting methodologies for trackside and on-board signalling and communication devices. Adaptation of already existing technologies for developing a purely on-board Train Integrity
Topic:   S2R-OC-IP3-01-2017: Smart metering and asset management of railway systems
Topic:   S2R-OC-IP3-02-2017: Future stations and accessibility (IP1 and IP3)
Topic:   S2R-OC-IP3-03-2017: Satellite and autonomous monitoring systems’ solution
Topic:   S2R-OC-IP4-01-2017: Smart technologies for improved travel companion and trip tracking
Topic:   S2R-OC-IP5-01-2017: Real-time yard and network management


Additional documents :


Topic for non-members of S2R JU

Please read carefully all provisions below before the preparation of your application.

Full description of the topics: Shift2Rail 2017 Annual Work Plan (Annex I call for S2R members, Annex II call for non-members)

  1. List of countries and applicable rules for funding: described in part A of the General Annexes of the main H2020 Work Programme.
  2. Eligibility and admissibility conditions: described in part B and C of the General Annexes of the main H2020 Work Programme and in the Shift2Rail 2017 Annual Work Plan.

    Proposal page limits and layout: Please refer to Part B of the standard proposal template.
  3. Evaluation

    3.1 Evaluation criteria, scoring and threshold: described in part H of the General Annexes of the main H2020 Work Programme and in the Shift2Rail 2017 Annual Work Plan.

    3.2 Submission and evaluation process: Guide to the submission and evaluation process and the Shift2Rail Annual Work Plan.
  4. Indicative timetable for evaluation and grant agreement:

    maximum 8 months from the deadline for submission.
  5. Provisions, proposal templates and evaluation forms:

    Proposal templates for members and non-members are available after entering the submission tool.

    Shift2Rail Multi-Beneficiary Model Grant Agreement
    Shift2Rail Mono-Beneficiary Model Grant Agreement
    H2020 Annotated Grant Agreement
    Standard evaluation form


  1. Additional provisions:

    Horizon 2020 budget flexibility
    Technology readiness levels (TRL) – where a topic description refers to TRL, these definitions apply.
    Financial support to third parties - where a topic description foresees financial support to Third Parties, these provisions apply.
  2. Open access must be granted to all scientific publications resulting from Horizon 2020 actions, and proposals must refer to measures envisaged. Where relevant, proposals should also provide information on how the participants will manage the research data generated and/or collected during the project, such as details on what types of data the project will generate, whether and how this data will be exploited or made accessible for verification and re-use, and how it will be curated and preserved.
  3. Additional documents

    Shift2Rail JU 2017 Annual Work Plan
    Shift2Rail Master Plan
    Shift2Rail Multi Annual Action Plan (MAAP)
    Shift2Rail Establishment Regulation

         Horizon 2020 Rules for Participation 
         Horizon 2020 Regulation of Establishment 
         Horizon 2020 Specific Programme

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