Call Identifier: H2020-GV-2016-2017
Publication Date: 14/10/2015
Budget: 206,500,000 €
Deadline: 1/02/2017 17:00  Brussels local Time
Specific Programme(s): Societal Challenges
Theme(s): Smart, green and integrated transport
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Topic Budget (EUR) - Year : 2016 Budget (EUR) - Year : 2017 Stages Opening date Deadline
GV-02-2016 - RIA Research and Innovation action
GV-03-2016 - IA Innovation action
65,000,000 single-stage 15 October 2015 26 January 2016
GV-08-2017 - IA Innovation action
GV-09-2017 - IA Innovation action
GV-04-2017 - RIA Research and Innovation action
GV-06-2017 - IA Innovation action
GV-05-2017 - RIA Research and Innovation action
GV-07-2017 - RIA Research and Innovation action
GV-10-2017 - IA Innovation action
GV-01-2017 - IA Innovation action
128,000,000 single-stage 04 October 2016 01 February 2017
GV-11-2016 - CSA Coordination and support action
3,500,000 single-stage 15 October 2015 26 January 2016
GV-12-2016 - ERA-NET-Cofund ERA-NET Cofund
10,000,000 single-stage 15 October 2015 26 January 2016


Topic:   GV-01-2017: Optimisation of heavy duty vehicles for alternative fuels use
Topic:   GV-02-2016: Technologies for low emission light duty powertrains
Topic:   GV-03-2016: System and cost optimised hybridisation of road vehicles
Topic:   GV-04-2017: Next generation electric drivetrains for fully electric vehicles, focusing on high efficiency and low cost
Topic:   GV-05-2017: Electric vehicle user-centric design for optimised energy efficiency
Topic:   GV-06-2017: Physical integration of hybrid and electric vehicle batteries at pack level aiming at increased energy density and efficiency
Topic:   GV-07-2017: Multi-level modelling and testing of electric vehicles and their components
Topic:   GV-08-2017: Electrified urban commercial vehicles integration with fast charging infrastructure
Topic:   GV-09-2017: Aerodynamic and flexible trucks
Topic:   GV-10-2017: Demonstration (pilots) for integration of electrified L-category vehicles in the urban transport system
Topic:   GV-11-2016: Stimulating European research and development for the implementation of future road transport technologies
Topic:   GV-12-2016: ERA-NET Co-fund on electromobility


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