Call Identifier: H2020-JTI-FCH-2016-1
Publication Date: 19/01/2016
Budget: 117,500,000 €
Deadline: 3/05/2016 17:00  Brussels local Time
Specific Programme(s): Societal Challenges
Theme(s): Secure, clean and efficient energy
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Topic:   FCH-01-1-2016: Manufacturing technologies for PEMFC stack components and stacks
Topic:   FCH-01-10-2016: Validation of fuel cell urban trucks and related infrastructure
Topic:   FCH-01-2-2016: Standardisation of components for cost-efficient fuel cell systems for automotive applications
Topic:   FCH-01-3-2016: PEMFC system manufacturing technologies and quality assurance
Topic:   FCH-01-4-2016: Development of industrialization-ready PEMFC systems and system components
Topic:   FCH-01-5-2016: Develop new complementary technologies for achieving competitive solutions for marine applications
Topic:   FCH-01-6-2016: Develop new complementary technologies for achieving competitive solutions for rail applications
Topic:   FCH-01-7-2016: Improvement of compressed storage systems and related manufacturing processes in the perspective of automotive mass production
Topic:   FCH-01-8-2016: Development of innovative hydrogen compressor technology for small scale decentralized applications for hydrogen refuelling or storage
Topic:   FCH-01-9-2016: Large scale validation of fuel cell bus fleets
Topic:   FCH-02-1-2016: Establish testing protocols for electrolysers performing electricity grid services
Topic:   FCH-02-10-2016: Demonstration of fuel cell-based energy storage solutions for isolated micro-grid or off-grid remote areas
Topic:   FCH-02-11-2016: MW or multi-MW demonstration of stationary fuel cells
Topic:   FCH-02-2-2016: Development of compact reformers for distributed bio-hydrogen production
Topic:   FCH-02-3-2016: Development of processes for direct production of hydrogen from sunlight
Topic:   FCH-02-4-2016: Co-generation of hydrogen and electricity with high-temperature fuel cells
Topic:   FCH-02-5-2016: Advanced monitoring, diagnostics and lifetime estimation for stationary SOFC stacks and modules
Topic:   FCH-02-6-2016: Development of cost effective manufacturing technologies for key components or fuel cell systems for industrial applications
Topic:   FCH-02-7-2016: Demonstration of large-scale rapid response electrolysis to provide grid balancing services and to supply hydrogen markets
Topic:   FCH-02-8-2016: Large scale demonstration of commercial fuel cells in the power range of 20-100kW in different market applications
Topic:   FCH-02-9-2016: Large scale demonstration of commercial fuel cells in the power range of 100-400kW in different market applications
Topic:   FCH-03-1-2016: Development of innovative hydrogen purification technology based on membrane systems
Topic:   FCH-04-1-2016: Novel education and training tools
Topic:   FCH-04-2-2016: Identification of legal-administrative barriers for the installation and operation of key FCH technologies



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