Israel-Italy call -2016
Call Identifier: Israel-Italy call - 2016
Publication Date: 1/12/2015 11:00
Budget: 0 €
Deadline: 7/03/2016 22:00  Jerusalem Local Time
Deadline for full submission for OCS funding request in Hebrew-14.04.2016
Specific Programme(s): Bilateral
Theme(s): Bi-National Programs
Israel-Italy Joint Innovation Program for Industrial, Scientific and Tech.Cooperation in R&D

Relevant Documents:

Program scope
Joint Italian-Israeli R&D projects can be presented in all technology/innovation fields and industry sectors.
Selected projects approved by the Italian and Israeli Authorities will be financed by both the contracting Parties of the Agreement. The support will be given to each partner by its own Party in accordance with the national and/or regional Laws, Rules, Regulations and Procedures in effect.


Eligibility criteria 

The Israeli partner must be an R&D performing company, which will incur revenue from selling the product/service developed during the project. The Israeli partner may be technologically and scientifically assisted by a non-industrial entity (university, research center, etc.) as a subcontractor.

The  Italian partner can be an industrial entity (company) running activities of R&D or a non-industrial entity (university, research center, etc.). In the case of a non-industrial entity,it must be assisted by an industrial entity as a subcontractor.
The product, process or service must be innovative. The project’s content and budget should be well balanced between the Italian and Israeli partners. Cost estimates must be congruous with the planned activities. The intellectual property regarding the output of the financed projects must be regulated in accordance with the Partnership Agreement finalized by the winners of the approved projects. All with accordance with the national and/or regional Laws, Rules, Regulations and Procedures in effect.

Submission of the project proposals

The Italian partner and the Israeli partner must send the Project Application, Annex 1, by email to the Italian and Israeli parties indicated below by March 7 th ,2016 . The Application must be completed in all its parts and signed by the persons responsible for the project: in Italy by the Legal Representative and the Scientific Project Leader; in Israel by the CEO of the Main Israeli Partner. Wherever an additional participant is foreseen, the additional form has to be filled and signed by the legal Representative(s) of such entity.The Israeli applicant should also be ready to submit a full OCS funding request in Hebrew, electronically to the OCS, Ministry of Economy, by no later than Thursday April 14 th  ,2016 . 


The Parties
Israel - ISERD , on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Economy.
Applications submitted by March 7th 2016 - 10pm CET- to Ran Arad - and Sharyn Lieberman - . OCS application submission procedures will be sent to applicants after submission of the project proposal by mail, Annex 1.  


Italy - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation - Directorate General for Country Promotion Applications submitted by March 7th 2016 - 5pm CET- to a certified mail -

The joint IT-IL committee set to mid-September will select winning projects. Results will be communicated by email to applicants later. 


For more information:

Ran Arad-Program Manager ISERD :
Tel: +972-3-5118152


Sharyn Lieberman:
Tel: +972-3-5118171'


Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale
D.G.S.P. – Unità per la Cooperazione Scientifica e Tecnologica Bilaterale e Multilaterale
certified electronic mail: (for official submission)  (for general information)   



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