Health, demographic change and wellbeing
Call Identifier: H2020-HEALTH-2017
Publication Date: 29/07/2016
Budget: 160,000,000 €
Deadline: 11/04/2017  Brussels local Time
1st.-04 Oct 2016 //2st.-11 Apr 2017
Specific Programme(s): Societal Challenges
Theme(s): Health, demographic change and wellbeing

Personalised Medicine

1.1 Understanding health, well-being and disease

  • SC1-PM-02-2017 (RIA) 40.00ME - New concepts in patient stratification


1.2. Preventing disease

  • SC1-PM-07–2017 (RIA) 20.00ME - SC1-PM-07–2017: Promoting mental health and well-being in the young


1.3 Treating and managing diseases

  • SC1-PM-08–2017 (RIA) 60.00ME - SC1-PM-08–2017: New therapies for rare diseases
  • SC1-PM-10–2017 (RIA) 40.00ME - Comparing the effectiveness of existing healthcare interventions in the adult population



Draft Work Programme 2016 – 2017 Vs.36 - 11 September 2015


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