Call Identifier: H2020-NMBP-2016
Publication Date: 15/10/2015
Budget: 56,700,000 €
Deadline: 21/01/2016 17:00  Brussels local Time
Specific Programme(s): Industrial Leadership
Theme(s): Nanotechnologies, Advanced materials and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing
Participant Portal

Topic:   BIOTEC-01-2016:ERA-NET Cofund on Biotechnologies

Topic:   BIOTEC-04-2016:KET Biotechnology foresight identifying gaps and high-value opportunities for the EU industry

Topic:   NMBP-08-2016:Affordable weight reduction of high-volume vehicles and components taking into account the entire life-cycle
Topic:   NMBP-11-2016:ERA-NET on Nanomedicine
Topic:   NMBP-21-2016:ERA-NET on manufacturing technologies supporting industry and particularly SMEs in the global competition

Topic:   NMBP-24-2016:Network to capitalise on strong European position in materials modelling and to allow industry to reap the benefits

Topic:   NMBP-27-2016:Promoting safe innovation through global consolidation and networking of nanosafety centres and strengthening the European industry through cooperation in nanosafety

Topic:   NMBP-30-2016:Facilitating knowledge management, networking and coordination in the field of formulated products

Topic:   NMBP-31-2016:Presidency events


NMBP-32-2016:Support for National Contact Points




NMBP-33-2016:Networking and sharing best experiences in using regional clusters strategies with a focus on supporting innovation in the NMBP thematic area.



Topic:   NMBP-36-2016:Policy support for Industry 2020 in the circular economy


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