Call Identifier: H2020-NMBP-2016-(2 stages)
Publication Date: 15/10/2015
Budget: 174,080,000 €
Deadline: 24/05/2016 17:00  Brussels local Time
1st.deadline-08 Dec 2015//2st.-24 May 2016
Specific Programme(s): Industrial Leadership
Theme(s): Nanotechnologies, Advanced materials and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing
Participant Portal

Topic:   BIOTEC-02-2016:Bioconversion of non-agricultural waste into biomolecules for industrial applications
Topic:   BIOTEC-03-2016:Microbial chassis platforms with optimized metabolic pathways for industrial innovations through systems biology
Topic:   NMBP-01-2016:Novel hybrid materials for heterogeneous catalysis
Topic:   NMBP-02-2016:Advanced Materials for Power Electronics based on wide bandgap semiconductor devices technology
Topic:   NMBP-03-2016:Innovative and sustainable materials solutions for the substitution of critical raw materials in the electric power system
Topic:   NMBP-09-2016:Biomaterials for diagnosis and treatment of demyelination disorders of the Central Nervous System
Topic:   NMBP-10-2016:Nanoformulation of biologicals
Topic:   NMBP-17-2016:Advanced materials solutions and architectures for high efficiency solar energy harvesting
Topic:   NMBP-18-2016:Advanced materials enabling the integration of storage technologies in the electricity grid
Topic:   NMBP-23-2016:Advancing the integration of Materials Modelling in Business Processes to enhance effective industrial decision making and increase competitiveness
Topic:   NMBP-26-2016:Analytical techniques and tools in support of nanomaterial risk assessment




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