Call Identifier: H2020-EUB-2017
Publication Date: 8/11/2016
Budget: 8,000,000 €
Deadline: 14/03/2017 17:00  Brussels local Time
Specific Programme(s): Industrial Leadership
Theme(s): Information & Communication Technologies
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Topic:   EUB-01-2017: Cloud Computing 
- 2,5ME


Cloud Computing: Specific Challenge: Cloud computing is now an established global paradigm for the delivery of IT services in all sectors of the digital economy. However, further enhancements are still required in critical aspects of cloud computing, including enhanced security and privacy; trustworthy clouds; resource pooling; data management and traceability; virtualization; and hybrid systems. Support towards intercontinental experimentation on cloud infrastructures and services are necessary as well, especially in the context of EU-Brazil cooperation.


Topic:   EUB-02-2017: IoT Pilots
- 4,5ME

IoT Pilots : Specific Challenge: In order to make use of the rich potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) in real-world scenarios, technologies and tools developed so far need to be demonstrated in controlled environments with the ultimate goal of validation. Given the specific nature of this Call, widely replicable pilots are targeted in view of solving specific societal challenges, in the context of EU-Brazil cooperation.


Topic: EUB-03-2017: 5G Networks

- 1 ME


5G is expected not only to boost the services already provided by 4G (LTE-Advanced-PRO), but also to enable several new services and applications in multiple environments, as identified notably by ITU (ITU-R M.2083 recommendation), NGMN, 3GPP SA group and 5G PPP. 5G standardisation started in 2016 and is expected to extend until 2020 for a full specification. Within this time frame, there is still significant work to carry out to make sure that the multiple technologies contemplated for 5G will meet the full range of service requirements. Early validation with the widest possible footprint of candidate technologies for 5G is hence needed to support global consensus based on "derisked" technologies.




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