Rusnano-Israel Call for Proposals - 2015
Call Identifier: Rusnano-Israel Call for Proposals - 2015
Publication Date: 17/06/2015
Budget: 0 €
Deadline: 26/01/2016 16:00  17.00 CET (19.00 Moscow Time)
Specific Programme(s): Bilateral
Theme(s): Bi-National Programs
Rusnano-Israel Call for Proposals

In the framework of the activities foreseen by the Agreement on industrial and technological research and development cooperation between Russia and Israel, the Government of the Russian Federation and The Government of the State of Israel, The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs on behalf of the Russian Federation and ISERD on behalf of the State of Israel- Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), Ministry of Economy, are announcing the procedures for the selection of R&D projects eligible for financial support within this framework .

Ø  Submission period – from 15/06/2015 to 26/01/2016

Ø  Requirements for projects:

·         The project must directly related to nanotechnology, contribute to the development of new industries;

·         The product, process or service must be innovative with new technologies;

·         Life expectancy of technology commercialization - approximately 3-5 years;

·         The project must be mutually significant for participants from both countries with a clear commercial or industrial application of markets in Israel, Russia and world.

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