Human Brain Project (HBP) FET Flagship Call-Call for Expressions of Interest
Call Identifier: Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience
Publication Date: 15/05/2015
Budget: 8,900,000 €
Deadline: 3/07/2015  Brussels local Time
17:00 CET
Specific Programme(s): Industrial Leadership
Theme(s): Information & Communication Technologies
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Selected Projects will be funded via the European Commission grant for the next phase of the HBP (2016-2018 – see here), which should be approved in early 2016. This CEoI is managed by Jülich Forschungszentrum (scientific aspects and review process) and Technische Universität München (application and review process) on behalf of the HBP Consortium. Applications will be received through the ECHORD++ system, kindly provided by TUM for this Call. 

Projects selected will form a new Subproject 3 (Systems & Cognitive Neuroscience) in the SGA1 period. The HBP plans to allocate EUR 8.9 million EUR of SGA1 funding to the new SP3 (EUR 8 million for 4 research Proposals/Work Packages & EUR 0.9 million for Coordination).

The Call in Brief

The HBP is looking to add 4 systems & cognitive neuroscience projects which:

  • Bridge from basic anatomy and physiology to mapping and cognition, plus theory and modelling
  • Use and/or feed at least 2 HBP Platforms including specification of data and/or tools
  • Include two or more spatial and/or temporal scales
  • Provide actual simulation models and/or disease models related to the cognitive function you will study
  • Offer real-world applications (e.g.  software, atlases, robotics, neuromorphic computing, drug design, etc.).


Call Documents



  • On-line Tool for Proposal Submission (available here soon)

        Call management is handled by the ECHORD++ team at Technical University of Munich



For any proposal-related questions, please click here

A web platform for proposal submission will be available at

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