Breaking the optical transmission barriers Inducement Prize
Call Identifier: H2020-OpticalPrize-2015
Publication Date: 28/05/2015
Budget: 500,000 €
Deadline: 15/03/2016 17:00  Brussels local time
Specific Programme(s): Industrial Leadership
Theme(s): Information & Communication Technologies
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The Horizon Prize for breaking the optical transmission barriers is a €500 000 challenge prize. It will be awarded to a solution that maximises the fibre capacity per channel, spectrum range and/or spectral efficiency and reach. It should also be energy efficient, economically viable, and easy to install and deploy. The solution should have a strong potential to be adopted in future generations of optical-system products. The feasibility of the approach will have to be demonstrated through clear experimental results.

Please read carefully all provisions below before the preparation of your application.

1.List of countries and applicable rules for funding: described in part 8 of the Rules of Contest.

2.Eligibility and exclusion criteria: described in part 8 of the Rules of Contest.

3.Evaluation and award criteria and procedure: described in part 3 of the Rules of Contest.

4.Proposal page limits and layout: Please refer to the Prize application template (not available yet).

5.Indicative timetable for evaluation and award of prizes: described in articles 4 and 6 of the Rules of Contest.

6.Application templates and evaluation forms for prizes under this topic:

Prize application template (not available yet).

7.Additional provisions:

Described in the Rules of Contest.

General rules for prizes are described in part F of the General Annexes of the General Work Programme.



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