Celtic-Plus Autumn Call 2014
Call Identifier: Celtic-Plus Spring Call 2014 (2014-2)
Publication Date: 15/05/2014
Budget: 0 €
Deadline: 15/10/2014 16:00  Brussels local time
Specific Programme(s): Bilateral
Theme(s): Information & Communication Technologies
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Proposal Online Submission (Autumn Call 2014)


Celtic-Plus is an industry-driven EUREKA ICT Cluster in the area of telecommunications, new media, future Internet, and applications & services focusing on the "Smart Connected World" paradigm. Celtic-Plus is open to any type of organisations covering the Celtic-Plus research areas, large industry as well as small companies or universities and research organisations.

You are all very welcome to submit project proposals for the next Celtic-Plus Call. The submission deadline is 15 October 2014.

Our new fast call process will only consider one single, full proposal phase; no proposal outline phase is required any longer. An important aspect to speed up the call and funding decision process is that each project participant must submit a national funding application in parallel to the proposal submission. Well evaluated but not labelled proposals may get a second chance by submitting refined proposals at the second call deadline about six months later.

All relevant Call information and documents are available on the Celtic-Plus Call Information Website.
Access to the our online Submission Tool
National contacts for funding applications are on the
Celtic-Plus national contact points Webpage.

At the Celtic-Plus proposers day on 25 June 2014 in Berlin eight proposals were presented and discussed, and are looking for additional partners. See the presentations with descriptions and contact information on the proposers day page.


Before submitting your proposal please check:
  1. Have you contacted all involved Public Authorities and prepared an (official or provisional) funding application?
  2. Have you completed all required chapters, provided all country-specific information (e.g. national impact!) and all budget and effort data?
  3. Are all CLD forms signed and submitted by all partners? (The CLD form may be sent to Celtic after the proposal submission but it has to be sent to us  before the labeling meeting date)


Forms for submission
The project key information has to be delivered via the online form. The complete Celtic-Plus Proposal (CPP) document has to be uploaded via the online tool. You may also upload all signed CLD forms and send the original via postal mail (recommended but not mandatory).

The CPP (and legal) forms can be found here.


Submit your proposal here (via online tool)

Please note that you have to register the first time before you can submit your proposal!

Submission deadline Autumn Call:  15 October 2014 (end of business)

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