Call Identifier: H2020-FCT-2015
Publication Date: 25/03/2015
Budget: 42,160,000 €
Deadline: 27/08/2015 17:00  Brussels local time
Specific Programme(s): Societal Challenges
Theme(s): Secure societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens
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This call is divided in four parts:

  • Forensics
  • Law enforcement capabilities
  • Urban security
  • Ethical/societal dimension

Topics :

  • 1- FCT-1-2015: Forensics topic 1: Tools and infrastructure for the fusion, exchange and analysis of big data including cyber-offenses generated data for forensic investigation
  • 2- FCT-2-2015. Forensic topic 2: Advanced easy to use in-situ forensic tools at the scene of crime
  • 3- FCT-3-2015: Forensics topic 3: Mobile, remotely controlled technologies to examine a crime scene in case of an accident or a terrorist attack involving CBRNE materials
  • 4- FCT-4-2015: Forensics topic 4: Internet Forensics to combat organized crime
  • 6- FCT-6-2015: Law Enforcement capabilities 2: Detection and analysis of terrorist-related content on the Internet
  • 9- FCT-9-2015:  Law Enforcement capabilities topic 5: Identity Management
  • 15- FCT-15-2015: Ethical/Societal Dimension Topic 3: Better understanding the role of new social media networks and their use for public security purposes
  • 16- FCT-16-2015: Ethical/Societal Dimension Topic 4 - Investigating the role of social, psychological and economic aspects of the processes that lead to organized crime (including cyber related offenses), and/or terrorist networks and their impact on social cohesion
  • 17- FCT-17-2015: Fast track to Innovation Topic


  • WP H2020 - 14. Secure societies - protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens en
  • WP H2020 - 17. Communication and Dissemination en
  • Explanatory note on exclusive focus on civil applications en
  • Explanatory note on potential misuse of research en
  • Explanatory note on the control of export for dual-use items en
  • Guidance - Guidelines for the classification of research results en

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